Savannah, GA Animal Neglect and Cruelty

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Savannah, GA, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted via ordinance in 2007

Source File: (p. 14)


Sec 9-5033. Animal Neglect.
A person that is the owner or custodian of any animal may be found to be guilty of animal neglect by a finding that anyone or more of the following conditions were allowed to exist;

(a) Lack of immediately available proper drinking water or inadequate supply of drinkable water.

(b) Lack of wholesome, palatable, and free from contamination food or sustenance to be provided in sufficient quantity.

(c) Failure to provide an animal sufficient space to stand to full height, turn around, lay down and make normal postural adjustments for comfort.

(d) The lack of providing a stationary shelter from weather such as sun, rain, wind or inclement weather or to maintain said shelter in a clean, sanitary condition free of excrement and unreasonable objectionable odors.

(e) Failure to make arrangements for veterinary care, or to have an animal in possession that is known to or suspected to have an injury, accidental or deliberate, or to exhibit any signs of disease, shock, temperature fluctuations, tremors, swelling, open wounds, inability to eat, blistering or abnormal bleeding, partial paralysis, discharging blood or mucus.
(Code 2007 §9-5033)

Sec 9-5034. Animal Cruelty.
A person commits an act of animal cruelty when such person causes the death or unjustified physical pain and suffering of an animal or maliciously causes the death, physical harm to the animal rendering parts of the animal useless or seriously disfigured or with knowledge or intent commits any of the acts set forth in Section 9-5033. This provision shall not apply to any person euthanizing an animal due to a disease or action taken to avoid pain and suffering.
(Code 2007 §9-5034)

Sec 9-5035. Tethering.
It shall be prohibited in unincorporated Chatham County or within the limits of the City to retain or confine to property of dogs or cats in a manner achieved by tethering to stationary or non-stationary objects including but not limited to,dog houses, barrels or other stationary objects as such means of confinement within the property.
(Code 2007, §9-5035)

Sec 9-5036. Animal Transported by Vehicles.
No animals shall be transported on a public rod in an open vehicle including an open top vehicle or open truck bed unless housed in a secured container designed for that purpose and having a provision for adequate ventilation, food and water. Said container shall have an open grille on one end, and a solid top and bottom and a minimum of 15% total accumulated side areas incorporated into an open grille for air circulation provisions.
(Code 2007, §9-5036)

Sec. 9-5037. Animal Confinement and Left Unattended in Parked Cars.
It shall be unlawful to leave an animal unattended in a parked vehicle without proper ventilation to prevent the animal from suffering physical distress from dangerous temperatures, lack of food or lack of water. Savannah-Chatham Animal Control or any other law enforcement shall take such action as is necessary including entry of the vehicle by any means to remove an animal from such jeopardy and may impound said animal and secure medical treatment for said animal as needed at the owner’s expense. Savannah-Chatham Animal Control officers may take possession of any deceased animal found in any parked vehicle for purposes of determining the cause of death in question pursuant to animal neglect or cruelty of this code.
(Code 2007, §9-5037)