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Toronto, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Established in 1991

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Toronto City Council established the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) in 1991 to finance Toronto-based initiatives that combat global climate change and improve air quality.

TAF provides grants and loans and undertakes special projects to advance its mandate. Working with all sectors of the community, and with city departments and agencies, TAF leverages its resources to develop innovative local actions that lead to significant emission reduction results.

On an annual basis, TAF has approximately $1.2 million available for grants and special projects. Up to $8 million in financing is currently available for mandate-related loans.

On November 26, 2008, the TAF Board of Directors approved funding for new grants based on the applications received October 10, 2008. Complete list of these projects.

TAF's mandate is to:

  • support and encourage local reductions of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • stimulate best practices in energy conservation and efficiency;
  • contribute to public understanding of global climate change and its implications for the urban environment;
  • support or initiate research and technology development that will contribute to effective local emissions reduction strategies; and
  • develop partnerships with non-governmental organizations, other levels of government, businesses and academic institutions

TAF's endowment supports local emissions reduction projects - at no expense to the taxpayer. Meanwhile, projects financed by TAF loans have saved the City $17.5 million — over $2.7 million annually — in cumulative energy and maintenance costs.

What does TAF support?
The Toronto Atmospheric Fund, through grants and loans, supports projects that address its mandate. Eligible grant applicants include City of Toronto agencies and divisions, non-profit organizations, registered charities, public institutions and schools.

TAF's current granting priorities fit under the following strategic program areas:

  • FleetWise - accelerating hybrid & electric vehicle solutions
  • LightSavers - advancing low-carbon lighting
  • TowerWise - improving energy efficiency in high-rise homes
  • SolarCity - building local solar generation capacity