St. Paul, MN City Council Passes Resolution on Genetically Engineered Food

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 8/1/01

Vote: Unanimous

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WHEREAS, genetically engineered foods are not tested by any federal agency; and

WHEREAS, the Food and Drug Administration requires only that companies producing such genetically engineered foods state, on the "honor system", that such foods are safe with no further testing required; and

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Council of the City of Saint Paul urges the Federal Government to encourage research and to disseminate information from that research to determine the safety for human consumption of genetically modified organisms and any dangers to the environment. This research should assess the human health impact of genetic engineering in agriculture that conform to scientific standards; and

Be It Further Resolved, that the City of Saint Paul supports the establishment of federal legislation requiring labeling of all foods and products, whether foreign or domestic, derived from, processed with produced by, containing or consisting of genetically engineered organisms; and

Be It Further Resolved, that the Council of the City of Saint Paul urges the Saint Paul School District to investigate the viability of offering organic foods as part of their food service program.