St Louis, MO Sustainable Building Ordinance

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St Louis, MO, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 10/12/07

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An ordinance adopting an energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction policy for municipal building projects including new buildings, building additions and major remodels; with an emergency provision.

WHEREAS, energy efficient public building techniques can save the taxpayer money over the useful life of the investment; and

WHEREAS, fossil fuels pollute the air we breathe and contribute to climate change when burned; and

WHEREAS, the best time to incorporate features that reduce fossil fuel use and promote energy efficiency in buildings is at the planning and design stages.


Section One. This ordinance constitutes the Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy of the City of St. Louis for new municipal construction and major remodels of municipal buildings.

Section Two. As used in this ordinance, “Major Remodels” means projects in buildings with over 5,000 square feet of building floor plan which projects have a reasonable potential for energy efficiency upgrades, for example: replacing 25% or more of building heating or cooling system; replacing 25% or more of the building lighting; involving removal of over 25% of a building roof; or involving work on over 25% of a building’s exterior walls.

Major Remodels does not include cosmetic remodels, emergency repairs or regular maintenance. When regular maintenance includes HVAC or lighting equipment replacement, new equipment to be installed shall conform with Section 3.2 below.

Section Three. The Board of Public Service is hereby directed to implement the following Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction measures for new municipal buildings and Major Remodels of municipal buildings:

(1) Bid documents or Requests for Proposals for new municipal buildings and Major Remodels shall state the high priority of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction for the initial 20-year operation of the building project. The bid documents or Requests for Proposal shall specify the energy rates to be used in the energy cost estimates required in number 2 below.

(2) Bidders shall submit as part of the bid or proposal for any city owned or operated project energy analyses prepared by licensed professionals that:

a. estimate the energy consumption and long-term operating costs of the building built to minimum code requirements;
b. propose energy efficiency measures based on current technology and site location that exceed current City energy code requirements by a minimum of 30 percent;
c. estimate the energy consumption and long-term operating costs from the measures proposed in (2)b;
d. provide a life cycle analysis of the costs and benefits of proposed measures based on an initial 20-year period.

(3) Licensed professionals providing services for a project and providing energy analyses pursuant to subsection (2) will be required to demonstrate capability and experience with energy analysis, or to hire consultants with the necessary expertise.

(4) The City shall pursue a commissioning process in accordance with the U. S. Green Building Council’s commissioning guidelines.

Section Four. For the purpose of educating the public on the benefits of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction:

a. results of energy analyses submitted pursuant to this ordinance shall be documented and available via the city website.

b. the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction features incorporated into any project shall be publicized through educational displays during construction and in the completed building.

c. after the building contract for a project is awarded, a press release shall be issued that summarizes the energy analysis and energy features chosen for the project.

d. documentation of greenhouse gas reduction shall be consistent with audit practices necessary for carbon trading.

Section Five. This ordinance being deemed necessary for the immediate preservation of the public health and safety is declared to be an emergency measure pursuant to Article IV Section 20 of the City Charter and, pursuant to Article IV Section 19 of the Charter shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Mayor or its approval over the Mayor’s disapproval.