Petaluma, CA "Build It Green" Program

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Petaluma, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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What is Petaluma Build It Green
Petaluma Build It Green is a voluntary, points-based program designed to stimulate and support green building in Petaluma. The program is designed around the Green Building Guidelines developed by Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Build It Green for New Homes, Remodels and Multi-family Construction, which offer suggestions for conserving natural resources, using water and energy wisely, improving indoor air quality, and planning for livable and vibrant communities. Building with these measures helps to create healthy, durable homes that reduce environmental impacts and cost less to operate and maintain.

Green building measures that are incorporated into a building project can earn “Green Points.” These Green Points are calculated and documented by independent, third-party Green Points Raters, who submit an application for Green Points Rating to the Petaluma Build It Green program (at the City’s Permit Counter), on behalf of the building owner/developer.

Building that achieve at least 50 Green Points (with a minimum number of Green Points earned in various categories), will be eligible to become GreenPoint Rated, earning a Petaluma Build It Green certificate, and reference in the City’s web pages. For the first five GreenPoint Rated buildings in each building category (such as new home, remodel, new commercial, commercial renovation) the City will also issue a commemorative plaque and a press release.

How can we learn more about Green Building and the Petaluma Build It Green program?
To promote the Petaluma Build It Green program and to introduce green building to the general public, the City’s Green Team and its community partners will be offering a variety of public presentations and workshops, geared both for building professionals and the general public. Information about these workshops and related events will be advertised via inserts in the City’s water bills over the summer months, in print advertisements in the Argus Courier and Press Democrat newspapers, and in TV ads and Public Service Announcements (paid for by corporate sponsors).

When will the Petaluma Build It Green Program be launched?
The program will officially be launched in October, 2006. For a preview of activities, please click here.