Texas A and M Sustainable Dining

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://diningservices.tamu.edu/services/sustainable_dining.stm


Texas A&M University Dining Services is committed to implementing and maintaining sustainability in all aspects of our operation. Our efforts range from utilizing organic and locally grown foods to the recycling of cardboard and cooking oil. Dining Services continues to work with other departments and students to help determine better ways to make dining on campus even greener.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • All Dining Services facilities cook with zero trans fat oils. Our used cooking oil is recycled and refined into bio-diesel fuel which is then used to power the department’s delivery truck.
  • Scarmardo Produce, a local vendor, provides all produce for Dining Services. Scarmardo’s utilizes organically grown and local sources as an essential part of their product mix.
  • Farmers Market, in partnership with Scarmardo Produce, brings local and/or organically grown fruits and vegetables to the campus on weekly basis in an outdoor market on Rudder Plaza.
  • The ‘Fall Crop’ and ‘Spring Crop’ programs offered at Sbisa Dining Center provide nutritious and delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. Offerings include organically or locally grown foods, no animal or trans fats, gluten-free breads as well as other items to accommodate customers with special dietary needs.
  • Fair Trade coffees are offered at a variety of locations across campus. Currently, Poor Yorick’s recycles their daily coffee grounds which are reproduced as fertilizer.
  • The department participates in the cardboard and white paper recycling programs offered by the university. There are also aluminum can recycling receptacles placed in and around various dining facilities.
  • Dining Services recycles all of our printer ink cartridges in conjunction with Bryan Independent School district.