Jamestown College, ND Increased Funding for Recycling

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Jamestown College, ND, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 2/27/07

Vote: In Favor - 24 Opposed - 1

Source File: http://www.jc.edu/campus/senate/senatePapers/br/2006-2007/res005.html


Student Senate Resolution
A resolution calling for an appropriation of funds to increase the opportunities to recycle on Jamestown College campus. Funding will be provided to purchase receptacles for various recyclable materials to be placed in several locations on campus. It would be recommended that to carry out the duties required to facilitate recycling, Senators would volunteer their time. Tubs would be placed in each academic department as well as the mailroom and by all computer lab printers where they would be easily accessible for student and faculty use.

Whereas, increasing recycling awareness and opportunities will encourage the betterment of our environment, both locally and universally.

Whereas, the members of the ECOS environmental organization on campus are willing to aid the Senate in these endeavors.

Whereas, making recycling easier for students will increase the number of items that are recycled.

Whereas, this endeavor would be initiated on a small scale. Maintaining the recycling of cans and bottles as well as providing opportunities to recycle paper, a commonly wasted material.


That there will be an appropriation of funds to provide for increased recycling on campus.

The Student Senate recommends 10 recycling receptacles at a cost of 34 dollars each for a total suggested appropriate of $340.