Lehman Alternative Community School, NY Student Governance

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Lehman Alternative Community School, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

Source File: http://www.icsd.k12.ny.us/acs/info.htm


School Governance

Students at ACS are an integral part of running the school. Each week, students meet twice during different committees to enhance ACS in various ways. A complete list of the committees can be found on the schedule grid, but some examples are: Green Thumb, which maintains the greenhouse and waters plants around the building; Agenda Committee, which plans all school meetings; and the Alternative Community Court, where students decide other student cases. Each committee is open to any student, and all pupils are encouraged to try out several different aspects of running the school. Students also are involved in each change in the school. Once a week, the entire school gathers into our gym to discuss student and staff proposals. At the end of the meetings, everyone votes on the proposals. This allows both students and staff a say in each decision, and allows both groups to draft proposals for acceptance by the school. Each All School Meeting (ASM) is led by a small group of students (from agenda committee), following a modified version of Robert's rules of order. Any student may at (almost) any time speak out on an issue before the entire school, and we quickly learn to speak out in public. A somewhat simplified view of ASMs, but it should suffice to give you a general idea of ACS's democratic school governance.