Chilliwack, British Columbia Green Business Award

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Chilliwack, British Columba, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Initiated in 2007

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The City of Chilliwack wants YOU to win the City’s first Green Business Award!

(It’s easy, it’s free advertising, it may save you money, and it will help recognize you as a green business leader….)

To promote waste reduction in the business sector, the City of Chilliwack launched a Business Waste Reduction Program in October 2006, as part of Waste Reduction Week.

City staff worked with the Chamber of Commerce to establish a Green Business Award. In 2007 and subsequent years this award will be announced during Waste Reduction Week and presented as one of the Chamber’s Business Excellence Awards.

We are interested in recognizing local businesses that are leaders in environmental practices.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3...

1. Let us know you’d like to participate (and we’ll help you get started);
2. Use the Audit form attached (to find your waste baseline);
3. Show us your progress by September 2007 (and make your case for being the deserving applicant of our first Green Business Award!)

We encourage you to understand your recycling options fully, so you can determine if there’s a better way to operate. Show us how much you can improve over the year. The sooner you get started, the more progress you can make….

Good luck, and good diversion!

Please check out our Best Management Practices for tips on where to dispose or recycling your business waste.