Central Connecticut State University Recycling Program

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.ccsu.edu/CCSUSustainability/Recycling.htm


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
As part of Central Connecticut State University’s sustainability initiative, the Sustainability Committee is expanding our recycling program so that more people can participate. CCSU currently recycles almost half of its trash. This is good, but we hope that this new recycling program will help us to do even better.

Recycling can now be sorted into two “streams”: mixed paper and containers such as bottles and cans.

Mixed paper bins will be located in each office and also near each printer. These will be emptied by the custodians. Please leave cardboard next to your recycling bin for custodians to collect.

We ask that you help by bringing your recyclable bottles, cans, and other containers to the appropriate bins located in prominent locations on each floor.

What to recycle:

  • Paper: All types including white paper, colored paper, magazines/catalogs/phone books, newspapers, paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes), manila file folders, copy paper, junk mail, and NCR (non-carbonless). Plastic envelope windows and staples are okay. Paper clips and post-it notes are not great. NO: hard cover books, bindings, trash, or dirty/contaminated paper such as pizza boxes or lunch bags.
  • Containers: All glass, steel, and aluminum containers. All plastic containers labeled #1 or #2. Please rinse all containers before recycling to help prevent odors, and use cold water to save energy.

We’ve asked custodians to help us enforce recycling. If custodians notice recyclable paper or containers in your trash bin, we have asked them not to pick it up, and leave a note stating the reason. So please recycle all that you can.

This is a trial phase of the new recycling system. We expect that some unanticipated issues will come up and will need to be resolved before we can expand this program to additional buildings on campus. Your feedback on the recycling program is welcome.

Thank you for your support and for helping to make CCSU a more sustainable campus!