Toronto, Ontario Green Fleet Plan 2008-2011

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Toronto, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in March 2008

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Toronto is greening its fleet operations to reduce fuel use, fuel costs, and emissions of greenhouse gases and smog pollutants. City Council approved the Green Fleet Plan 2008-2011 in March 2008.

Read the complete Plan (pdf, 470 KB).

Greening the fleet means choosing more environmentally sustainable vehicles, fuels and activities for the City's use.

The 2008-2011 Plan builds on the green fleet activities from Phase I: the Green Fleet Transition Plan 2004-2007. The Plan also adds exciting new initiatives, such as a focus on green heavy trucks.

The Plan outlines 38 specific actions Toronto will take to accelerate the greening of its fleet over the next four years. The actions cover five topic areas:

1. Emission reduction targets
2. Vehicles
3. Fuels
4. Sustainable choices
5. Maintenance and management practices

The Plan will make buying green vehicles standard practice at the City of Toronto and provides the flexibility to adopt promising new technologies and practices over time.

The focus of the Plan is the City's centrally-managed fleet of almost 4,700 vehicles and pieces of equipment. These fleet vehicles and fuels are used by all City Divisions and managed by Fleet Services.

Through Phase I, the Green Fleet Transition Plan, the City of Toronto reduced CO2 emissions by an estimated five million kilograms, (5,000 tonnes). Phase II aims to reduce emissions of CO2 by approximately 15 million kilograms (15,000 tonnes) compared to conventional vehicles, fuels and activities. This equals an 11% reduction in fleet emissions compared to conventional activities. By reducing fuel use, implementing the Plan will also save money.

Some highlights of the plan: