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Santa Anna, CA, US

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Santa Ana continues to exceed the State of California’s recycling goals. In 1995, the first reporting year with a minimum goal of 25 percent, the city recorded 40 percent diversion. In the year 2000, with a minimum goal of 50 percent, the city reported 56 percent diversion. The most recent reporting year of 2006 shows 60 percent diversion.

The progress comes with the implementation of successful programs such as:

Residential Curbside Recycling
The city has a three cart system where residents separate their materials into a 1)recyclables cart, 2)green waste cart and 3)trash cart. Other programs implemented through our hauler, Waste Management, include two free bulky item pickups per year, where large items are picked up and recycled, and a Christmas tree recycling program.

Multi-family Recycling
Recycling services for multi-family complexes is provided with separate recycling bins, available through Waste Management.

Construction and Demolition Recycling
The city has two haulers, Waste Management and Ware Disposal, that provide recycling services for construction and demolition projects for residents and businesses.

Certified Recycling Centers
Several Certified Recycling Centers are located in the city where residents can take their bottles and cans and have them recycled and receive cash back for doing so.

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Program
The California Integrated Waste Management Board provides the city with grant funding to bring used motor oil and filter recycling to residents. These items are picked up curbside by Waste Management if you live in a single family home. Apartment residents can take their used motor oil to one of the 23 certified recycling centers in the city that will accept used motor oil for recycling.

City Employee Battery Recycling
Employees recycle batteries from home and work to reduce the number of batteries going into landfills.

The city sponsors FREE composting workshops to Santa Ana residents through the Fullerton Arboretum. A $25 voucher is available to all who attend for the purchase of a compost bin through Orchard Supply Hardware. Contact the Fullerton Arboretum at 714-278-3579 to learn more.

Household Hazardous Waste
The City of Santa Ana will conduct a one-day collection event next spring. The date has not been determined.

The County of Orange offers FREE disposal for hazardous waste materials at locations throughout the County. To learn more call 714-834-6752.

Sharps/Needles Recycling
Beginning January 1, 2008, the city will sponsor a Sharps recycling program. Those who require regular medical injections will have access to proper and safe disposal of their needles.

The City Buys Recycled!
In September of 2006, Santa Ana City Council adopted a procurement policy that emphasizes the purchase of recycled goods. The adoption of this polity was important in closing the recycling loop—reduce-reuse-recycle and is a big issue at the State level.

We’re involved! The city has a representative on the County of Orange Waste Management Commission and a representative on the County of Orange Recycling Coordinators group. These two groups assist cities in implementing their recycling programs and provide coordination with the Orange County Board of Supervisors.