University of Missouri Commitment to Diversity

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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MU's Commitment to Diversity
Diversity is a reality in the world and in our American society. MU values this diversity because it is inherent in our institutional values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.

Valuing diversity grows out of respect for others and for self, despite our differences. Honoring diversity is required in order for us to carry out our institutional responsibility and moral obligation to all the citizens of Missouri. Being open to diversity is essential for discovery because what we ourselves know is not all that is. Welcoming diversity is integral to achieving excellence, since without it our own views and opinions are not challenged and honed.

To value diversity requires action on the part of MU, not just words. In order to be faithful to our values, we advocate working actively to build understanding and collaboration across our varied campus and global cultures. Specifically, MU must:

  • cultivate a welcoming environment for all members of the community;
  • reflect the diversity of the state by encouraging the participation of all who are qualified; and,
  • help faculty, staff and students, through education and example, to live productively and peacefully in an increasingly diverse society and world.

(MU Values Committee, December 2004)

As the University of Missouri flagship campus, we are continuously building a community made up of individuals from different races, ethnic backgrounds, economic strata, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, talents and interests, geographical origins, political beliefs and values.

One of our current efforts is to increase the representation of persons from underrepresented backgrounds - persons of color both domestic and international.

Another leading priority, at this moment, is to create a campus climate that is more supportive of persons of color and to recruit and retain additional African Americans, Latinos and Latinas, and Native Americans - all of whom are underrepresented in our student body, faculty and staff.