Clarence, Australia Positive Ageing Plan

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Clarence, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 4/23/07

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Shown below are the introductory portions of this 34 page document.

key statement
The purpose of this plan is to provide sustainable strategic direction for Council to meet the needs of its older residents through effective use of its own resources and by working with others.

Addressing the impact and meeting the needs and aspirations of an ageing population is a responsibility to be addressed by governments, business and the community alike. Governments at all levels have begun to respond to the impacts and challenges of an ageing population: e.g. the Tasmanian State Plan for Positive Ageing 2000-2005.

Council identified, in Clarence 2050 – A Strategic Framework for the Future, that effective planning and a ‘whole of Council’ approach is required to meet the needs of its ageing population.

The development of a Positive Ageing Plan was also an identified action of the Council’s Strategic Plan June 2004. Council’s new Strategic Plan 2006 –2011 similarly includes the objective of responding to the specific needs of different age groups within the community, including the implementation of a Positive Ageing Plan.