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The Colorado College Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) seeks to improve our campus environment by developing new environmental programs, supporting campus environmental initiatives, and acknowledging the efforts of students, faculty, and staff. The CSC meets every block to discuss current campus environmental issues and consists of faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, and community members.

A Sense of Place
The sustainability office produced this summary of Sustainability Initiatives and Challenges at Colorado College for the President's Advisory Council.

New Ecofund Grant Established!
The new Ecofund grant will provide financial support for campus sustainability projects, addressing the core value of Colorado College to "nurture a sense of place and environmental ethic.” Funding will be given to applicable and worthy projects that will positively impact the campus and local community. This grant was established from the 2005 CCCA student vote on purchasing wind energy credits. Rather than focusing on wind energy alone, EnAct members and the CSC chose to focus on any sustainability project that positively contributes to the college's core value.

No Vote on the Chicago Climate Exchange
CSC members voted against joining the Chicago Climate Exchange based on the projected energy use of the college. Increased energy use between 2000 and 2005 disagrees with requirements from Exchange membership either to make reductions of 4% per year in CO2 emissions or acquire (via purchase or donation) Carbon Financial Instruments. In addition, the Exchange must re-charter during 2006, which may result in changed requirements and/or reduction goals. By unanimous vote the CSC recommends: a) CC not consider joining the Exchange now; b) further analysis is essential so that a specific action agenda can be proposed for reducing the rate of increase of energy in general and electricity specifically, and c) the issue of CC joining the Exchange be revisited after their re-chartering exercise is complete.