Grand Junction, CO Watershed Protection Ordinance

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Grand Junction, CO, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 7/30/07

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On September 6, 2006 City voters approved a watershed protection ordinance.

The watershed protection ordinance approved by the voters called for the creation and adoption of regulations to enforce the ordinance. By this resolution the City Council does adopt the watershed regulations and does acknowledges the significance of the watershed, the importance of public awareness of the watershed and the need for adoption of the watershed plan shaping public policy for the proper present and future use of the land, water and mineral resources.

Pursuant to Article XX of the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the Charter of the City of Grand Junction adopted thereunder and the statutes of the State and the ordinances of the City, the City owns and operates municipal water treatment and delivery systems and provides water service to consumers both inside and outside of the corporate limits of the City. Given the City’s legal and practical responsibilities to the system and its users, the City has determined that the attached regulations are necessary to help it protect the water, water resources and its ability to fully protect and develop the water and water rights. The City’s diversions, storage and other municipal water rights are very valuable and important to the community. As such the various water and land uses in the drainages substantially concerns the City because all of them affect the quality and quantity of the water supply available for use City use.

The City Council hereby finds, declares and determines that the attached regulations will serve to maintain and protect an adequate water supply of the highest quality. The regulations are essential to the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City and in furtherance thereof the City does adopt the same.

By virtue of Ordinance No. 3961 and 31-15-707 (1) (b), C.R.S. as amended the City has power to enact ordinances and regulations for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the City's waterworks from injury and the water from pollution. Because of the importance of the resource and the fact that growth, use and other pressures are ever increasing the possibility that the resource may be irretrievably damaged, the City Council finds that various activities of the past, present and future within the area of the City's water supply pose or may pose a danger to that supply which could affect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Grand Junction. The City Council has further determined that the City should exercise all right, power and authority under the law to provide its citizens with an adequate water supply of the highest quality with the same being a matter of purely local concern.

NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Grand Junction does hereby adopt the attached watershed regulations with the same to be applied with full force and effect as provided by law.

(See source file for text of ordinance.)