Naperville, IL Renewable Energy Program

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Naperville, IL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The City of Naperville has partnered with Community Energy, Inc. to provide a new, environmentally-friendly choice for your electric service. This exciting program makes it easy for residents and commercial customers to purchase clean energy produced through natural means such as wind, water and the sun. Imagine the impact of cleaner air on Naperville’s future generations! More energy independence and less air pollutants means healthier air and a safer community for everyone.

For as little as $5 per month, you can make a difference for future generations by enrolling in the city's Renewable Energy Program. Although this option is new to Naperville, many communities just like ours are already using renewable resources. Let’s unite in this effort to create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations — sign up for the city's Renewable Energy Program today.

How it Works
Renewable energy is electricity generated from natural resources that will never be depleted and do not release any harmful pollution into the air. Naperville's Renewable Energy Program is comprised of 90% wind energy, 5% small-hydro, and 5% solar energy generated entirely within the State of Illinois. Success in the program will lead to more renewable energy being built in the state. The wind energy will be generated by Illinois wind farms. The solar power will come from Chicago-based solar power projects, and the hydropower will be generated by a small, low-impact hydro-facility located on the Fox River.

How to Participate
A small additional charge of $5.00 to your monthly electric bill covers the added expense of delivering 200 kilowatt hours of clean and renewable energy to the Illinois electric grid. The Naperville Renewable Energy Program allows customers to participate at various levels of support. City residents and businesses can choose the participation level that best fits their energy usage and their budget. The City of Naperville will continue to deliver your electricity and provide the same reliable utility service.

Pricing Options:

  • 200 kWh = $5.00 monthly
  • 400 kWh = $10.00 monthly
  • 600 kWh = $15.00 monthly
  • 800 kWh = $20.00 monthly

All costs are in addition to your current electricity charges.

Additional levels of participation are available, and commercial customers may qualify for special pricing.