Kilkenny County, Ireland Adopt - a – Bottle Bank Scheme 2009

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Kilkenny County, Ireland

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Kilkenny County Council has a network of bottle banks across the county accepting glass, aluminum drinks cans and steel food cans.

Our experience is that Bottle Banks can be subject to abuse. Littering can occur beside the bank when people leave their recyclables beside the bank rather than placing recyclables into the bottle bank. Empty cardboard boxes can be left behind after people empty their recyclables into the banks and some banks are subject to illegal dumping of household waste.

Since March 2008 a cleaning contractor services the bottle banks in the County regularly however the adopt a bottle bank scheme will continue to ensure the community groups have funds to maintain the surrounding area of the banks to allow them to be visually attractive and remain an asset to their local area.

The requirements for participation in the scheme are listed below. Groups must apply on an official application form.

The closing date for applications is the 30th of June 2009.

Requirements of the Adopt - a – Bottle Bank Scheme

  1. The group must be actively engaged in a community activity in the area in which they wish to adopt a bank.
  2. Groups will be restricted to adopting one recycling bank.
  3. Applications to adopt banks will be considered on a “first come first served” basis.
  4. Groups must agree to undertake the bank maintenance for 1 year. At the end of this period the agreement between the Council and the group will be reviewed.
  5. Community Groups must designate a specified contact person in the group for dealing with general correspondence with the Council.
  6. Groups must agree to undertake the following duties:
  • Any recyclables left at the Bottle Bank will be placed in the appropriate bank.
  • If illegal dumping occurs at the Bottle Bank, the group must advise the Council immediately so an investigation into the dumping can be undertaken.
  • Any plastic bags or boxes left at the Bottle Bank must be disposed appropriately.
  • Groups are required to advise the Council when banks are approaching capacity, i.e. if almost full.
  • The groups will give advice & assistance to the public requiring information on their Bottle Bank.

Each group participating in the “Adopt- a- Bank” scheme will be paid €400.00. Payments for groups adopting the banks will be payable to the community group rather than an individual member of the community group. At the end of the year, the scheme will be reviewed, including the performance of the group.