Taos, NM "A Fair Trade Town"

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Taos, NM, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted in February 2008

Source File: Received via email


A Resolution recognizing the value of “Fair Trade” in vastly improving the lives of farmers and crafts people around the world, and encouraging all Town of Taos businesses and institutions to sell and use Fair Trade products whenever possible.

Whereas, “Fair Trade” is an innovative market economy system that promotes fair labor practices and healthy, safe work environments through the production of food and other goods; and

Whereas, Fair Trade provides producers with fair process that translate into truly livable wages; and

Whereas, production of Fair Trade goods is achieved through sustainable and ecologically friendly means thus assuring the future of a healthy planet for all; and

Whereas, Fair Trade provides excellent and healthy products to consumers; and

Whereas, Fair Trade Certified products are available for purchase in Taos, New Mexico; and

Whereas, Fair Trade Certified products and other products such as handcrafts which are sold by Fair Trade Federation member business are available for purchase in Taos, New Mexico; and

Whereas, millions of people have been lifted out of poverty through the simple act of educating consumer to select and ask for Fair Trade products; and

Now, therefore, be it Resolved BY the Town of Taos: 1) The town will collaborate with community members to appoint a local committee to ensure ongoing education, promotion and commitment to Fair Trade 2) the Town of Taos encourages businesses, institutions and local organizations to use and sell Fair Trade Certified products whenever possible for the well being of producers, consumers, and the planet 3) The town commits to procure and use Fair Trade Certified products such as coffee and tea, which would normally be purchased for council meetings, office supplies, etc. when such products are available and competitively priced 4) The Town may provide local media advertisement and public relations to promote the purchase of Fair Trade products.