St. Lawrence University, NY Environmental Resolution

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted in May 2006

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The Environmental Resolution
After a year-long process of thoughtful discussion on campus and within several Board committees, the trustees approved, with great enthusiasm, a resolution to adopt a commitment to the environment as a core University value. Special commendation to the Thelomathesian Society for its leadership, and especially to Student Delegate Jason DeRosa ’06, and to Kira Krumhansl ’06, for their foresight and careful shepherding of the resolution in campus governance and with the Board.

The resolution has such importance to St. Lawrence that I’d like to reproduce it here. You’ll be seeing this in action in many ways, through the curriculum and through daily operations all over campus.

Whereas St. Lawrence University, in its curriculum within and across many academic departments, asks students through their coursework and research to explore the environmental issues we face as global citizens; and

Whereas St. Lawrence students, through this exploration, will have the foundation to understand and embrace environmental sustainability so that they personally and professionally may meet the needs of their own families, communities and career responsibilities without compromising the ability of the environment to provide for future generations; and

Whereas St. Lawrence administration is committed to procedural, procurement and building efforts aimed at reducing consumption and waste while increasing energy efficiency, efforts that will strengthen the sustainability of the physical plant and demonstrate the University’s commitment to environmental stewardship; and

Whereas the University understands the importance of both individual and institutional commitment to living and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle through daily actions as well as comprehensive decisions;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Board of Trustees approves the adoption as one of the University’s core values, a commitment to environmental awareness, environmental education and the pursuit of environmental sustainability in its operations; and

Be it further resolved that the Board of Trustees acknowledges the thoughtful and farsighted work of the Thelomathesian Society, whose leaders and members have had the central role for the creation of this resolution and its endorsement by all governance constituencies of the University.