Clark County, NV Diversity Mission Statement

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Clark County, NV, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

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Mission & Vision Statements

To create a workplace that reflects the community.

To embrace the characteristics that individuals from diverse groups bring to the workplace.

To value our differences and herald our coming together to provide quality public services to the community.

Clark County Government is committed to equal opportunities for all, and now strives to be a model for all employers who recognize the value of a diverse workforce.

The County’s Guiding Values & Principles
Our Commitment to Our Citizens and Fellow Employees:

Top quality service provided by community-focused professionals dedicated to demonstrating and promoting the following guiding values and principles:

Accountability--accepting personal responsibility for one’s conduct and obligations; upholding the public trust through ethical behavior and the fiscally responsible administration of resources

Excellence--building an organizational culture which encourages all to excel; demonstrating a superior commitment to public service; genuinely understanding and working to exceed expectations; eager to improve on a continuous basis; influencing others toward a spirit of service and meaningful contributions

Innovation--freedom to creatively formulate new concepts, approaches, and methodologies; continuously learning by seeking out and encouraging others to pursue venues for gaining knowledge through education, training, feedback, and other learning opportunities

Integrity--honesty; doing the right thing for the right reason; trustworthy

Open and Inclusive Government--taking responsibility for including others in decision-making processes; valuing and considering the perspectives of others; facilitating cooperative working relationships within the organization and the community; actively encouraging citizens to access and participate in governmental processes

Respect--dignity; caring about feelings; concern and acceptance for others; openness to other viewpoints; commitment to understanding and embracing our many individual differences