Salt Lake City, UT Free Metered Parking for "Green Vehicles"

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Salt Lake City, UT, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The Free Metered Parking1 for "Green Vehicles" program has two independent goals:

1. Reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil, and
2. Improve air quality

The two goals are independent, since a vehicle with high fuel economy or one using an alternative fuel may not necessarily have low emissions and vice versa.

To meet these goals, Salt Lake City is granting free metered parking to vehicles which can be powered solely by an alternative fuel (i.e. propane, compressed natural gas, or electricity) or that are "top performers" in regards to city fuel economy or emissions.2 The hope is that by granting free metered parking to these types of vehicles, drivers may be more likely to purchase one in the future. Increased numbers of these vehicles operating in the city will reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil and will improve our city's air quality.

1 Free metered parking simply means no coins need be deposited into a city parking meter to park your vehicle for up to the time limit posted on the meter. All posted time limits on the meters are still in force. For example, if you park at a 30-minute meter, you may only park free for 30 minutes. No person parking a vehicle without charge pursuant to this program shall park or permit such vehicle to remain parked in any parking meter space adjacent to a meter for a continuous period longer than that designated on the meter, nor shall they park in restricted spaces. In addition, no person shall, having left a parking meter space, reenter the parking anywhere along the same street block face within the same length of time as the posted meter time limitation plus thirty (30) minutes immediately following the vacation of the place of initial parking.

2 Due to a lack of EPA fuel economy or emission data, motorcycles and biodiesel powered vehicles currently do not qualify for this city program.