Montgomery County, PA Green Fields/Green Towns Program

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Montgomery County, PA, US

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Type: Program (via ballot initiative)

Status: Adopted by popular vote in November 2003

Source File:,a,3,Q,1898.asp


An Open Space Legacy

Montgomery County is focused on creating an open space legacy for its current citizens and future generations. In 1993 the county developed a $100 million ten-year comprehensive open space program that included a strong requirement for county and municipal open space planning. During the course of the 1993 open space program, all 62 municipalities in the county prepared and adopted open space plans, and the county adopted a new open space plan. Under the program, 194 municipal and private organization grants projects were approved to preserve 4,465 acres, 500-600 acres were preserved each year as open space in new developments, 69 tree planting grants were approved, 3,656 acres of farmland easements were purchased, 316 acres of county parkland were acquired, and the 22-mile Perkiomen Trail was developed from Valley Forge to Green Lane. As the ten-year mark for the program approached, the Montgomery County Commissioners named the Green Fields/Green Towns Task Force to ensure continued success in open space preservation in the county.

Building on Success

The Montgomery County Green Fields/Green Towns Program is continuing the momentum and success of the 1993 Montgomery County Open Space Program. The Montgomery County Commissioners adopted the Green Fields/Green Towns Program on December 18, 2003. This ten-year $150 million program, approved by voter referendum, is made up of three basic components: municipal grants ($67 million), private organization grants ($8 million), and county open space expenditures ($75 million). The goals of this program include providing recreation opportunities, conserving natural features, preserving historic or cultural landscapes, maintaining scenic quality, protecting water resources, shaping the pattern of land use and development, and preserving agricultural land. We hope to build on the success and experience of the 1993 open space program to continue the high quality of life in Montgomery County.

The source file provides several links that include a retrospect on some of the municipal projects and private organization projects accomplished in the 1993 Montgomery County Open Space Program, the Montgomery County Green Fields/Green Towns Program Recommendations, the current status of municipal open space plans, program guidelines and application forms, an introduction to our open space board members, information on potential funding sources for open space and revitalization, and links to open space organizations and agencies.