University of Kansas Center for Sustainability

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Type: Program

Status: Adopted

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Mission Statement
The Center for Sustainability promotes a culture of sustainability on the KU campus. The Center facilitates research, learning opportunities, policies, and practices that address environmental, economic, and social responsibility. We serve as a connection for all members of the campus community - including faculty, staff, and students - to advance policies and projects and participate in processes that lead to a more sustainable future.

The center achieves this mission by acting on the following objectives:

  1. Serve as an avenue for students and student organizations to collaborate on sustainable initiatives and provide input to processes that promote sustainability on campus
  2. Engage faculty in multidisciplinary research, issues forums, and curriculum development focusing on the advancement of sustainable practices and policies
  3. Involve university staff and administration in discussions leading to new processes and polices that improve environmental, economic, and social responsibility
  4. Expand the capacity for sustainable initiatives through campus-wide networking, community outreach, and fund development.
  5. Promote efforts by the campus community to advance sustainability through the center website, media outlets, and other recognition programs.

The Center for Sustainability has established five performance goals to work toward during the initial stages of development. These goals include:

  1. Secure externally funded research grants
  2. Facilitate student-based sustainability research projects
  3. Facilitate development of service-learning courses with a sustainability focus
  4. Establish a campus-wide sustainability ambassador network to include faculty, staff, and student representation
  5. Complete research that identifies cost-savings opportunities in campus operations