Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods Resolution

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Resolution for Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods

Whereas, genetically engineered foods are not required to be safety tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before being permitted to be sold for human consumption;

Whereas, polls consistently indicate that over 80% of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled;

Whereas, citizens in the European Union nations, plus Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries require labeling of genetically engineered foods;

Whereas, scientists throughout the world are warning of potential allergic reactions from the consumption of novel proteins in foods modified by genetic engineering;

Whereas, genetically engineered foods contain antibiotic-resistant marker genes which could cause antibiotic resistance in humans;

Whereas, genetically engineered foods may contain built-in pesticides lethal enough to kill insects eating the same crops being consumed by humans;

Whereas, herbicide resistant genetically engineered crops may be cross-breeding with weeds creating superweeds;

Whereas, organically grown crops are being contaminated by the cross-pollination from genetically engineered crops;

Whereas, toxins released from the roots of genetically engineered crops may be harmful to soil bacteria;

Whereas, the pollen from genetically engineered crops may be lethal to some beneficial insects;

Whereas, too little research has been done to allow American citizens to serve as human guinea pigs in a massive unprecedented feeding study without their knowledge;

Therefore, it is Resolved, the [enter your city or county council name here] urges the United States Congress to pass legislation that will require genetically engineered foods to be labeled in the United States.

We further encourage legislation that will require safety testing of genetically engineered crops to make sure human health and the environment are protected for future generations.

Copies of this resolution in support of labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods will be sent to our Governor, our members of the United States Congress, and to the President of the United States.