Central Connecticut State University Faculty Senate Diversity Committee

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Type: Bylaws

Status: In Effect

Source File: http://www.ccsu.edu/Diversity/by-laws%20final%20one.doc


Article I Name
This committee, a permanent committee of the Faculty Senate, shall be known as the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee.

Article II Purpose
The purpose of the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee is to advise the University on and make recommendations regarding the promotion of policies, curricular enhancements, and campus events designed to foster respect for all people. To that end, the committee will support and design programs and events which:

1. Promote a diverse student body at CCSU.
2. Promote a diverse faculty at CCSU.
3. Promote and advocate that the principles of diversity are incorporated into all hiring and promotion decisions.
4. Promote multicultural competence.

Article III Membership
Membership is open to all current students, faculty members, administrators, and employees of the University. Members can either be nominated or provide self-nomination to the Elections Committee of the Faculty Senate. All prospective members will be asked to provide a short biography, and their nomination will be voted on by the Faculty Senate at a meeting held in the spring of the academic year. The term of membership is one academic year, and there is no limit to the number of years a member may serve nor is there a limit to the number of members who may serve on the committee. The chair of the committee will keep the membership rolls.

Article IV Officers
The committee shall have a Chair, who will schedule and conduct meetings, a Vice-Chair, who will assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence, and a Recording Secretary, who shall record and distribute the minutes of meetings. The Chair and the President of the Faculty Senate will be jointly responsible for managing the finances of the Committee. The officers will be elected at the first meeting of the Committee in the fall semester, subject to a call to meet issued by the President of the Senate.

Article V Meetings
The Chair shall call meetings as needed, with no less than one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Meetings are to be conducted informally, unless, at the discretion of the Chair, rules of Procedure require enforcement. If so, the committee will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, in its most recent edition. A quorum shall consist of 20% of the Committee’s total membership.

Article VI
A simple majority at any scheduled meeting may amend these by-laws provided the proposed amendment(s) is distributed by the Committee Chair via e-mail at least one week in advance of the meeting at which the proposed amendment will appear on the agenda.