Dickinson College, PA President's Commission for Women

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Dickinson College, PA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.dickinson.edu/departments/women/purpose_charge.html


The purpose of the Commission for Women is to ensure and to publicize Dickinson 's commitment to gender equity in the classroom, on campus, in the broader community, and among students, faculty, administrators and staff.

Working with its own budget set by the President, it reports to the President, who will share the Commission's findings and recommendations with the faculty and the College as a whole.

As a part of its mission, the Commission will undertake a study exploring the campus climate for women and the status of gender equity on campus. This will include explorations into different areas, including gender issues among faculty (tenure, promotion, salary equity, committee work, endowed chairs, work atmosphere, maternity and family policies to name a few), among staff and administrators (such as pay equity, work atmosphere, maternity and family policies), and within the student body.

The Commission also encourages programming related to gender issues, the strengthening of organizations such as the Women's Center, and the funding of Endowed Chairs and important visual markers, such as a statue of Zatae Longsdorff.