Chatham-Kent, Ontario Municipal Youth Council

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Chatham-Kent, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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Mission Statement
To take ideas from the youth, make them a reality through the youth, to improve life for the youth!


  • MYC will act as a positive advocate for youth
  • MYC will address, foster discussion, and make recommendations on youth issues to all levels of government
  • MYC will initiate and support community events and activities in Chatham-Kent that relate to youth
  • MYC will communicate and discuss youth issues with Chatham-Kent youth, for accurate and honest representation

In order for the MYC to consider your request for volunteers, please review the Committee Representation Guidelines. Your request must meet six of the ten listed criteria to be considered.


  • Empower youth throughout the municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Partnerships with youth organizations
  • Have a positive impact on the youth community
  • Recognize and reflect the diversity in the municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Youth participants have an equal say/vote on issues
  • Decision making power shared with youth
  • Capacity to incorporate young people and integrate their opinions
  • Committee has additional youth representation from their community or the population they serve
  • Flexible and convenient meeting times