McMasters University, Ontario Virtual and Community Disability Training and Research Network

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McMasters University, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Mission Statement

Our Vision:
The Virtual and Community Disability Training and Research Network is dedicated to bringing members of the disabled community and disability researchers together to help identify pressing challenges in disability research and to develop the research agendas and projects through which these can be addressed.

We believe . . . . .

1. That innovative and collaborative research can help us meet the challenge of creating societies which are inclusive of disabled persons in all their diversity, and irrespective of differences in impairment, gender, race, class, sexuality, and age.

2. That research can and should be designed and conducted in ways that empower disabled women and men.

3. That researchers and members of the disabled community must work together, locally and globally, to ensure that research makes a positive difference in disabled peoples’ lives and struggles for inclusion in society and space.

Our Mission is To:

1. Provide a local and virtual network through which disabled individuals, organizations, academic and community researchers can work together in developing and assessing research projects, sharing and critically assessing the results of their research, and discussing ethical and other issues in disability research.

2. Act as a global electronic resource centre and research development and discussion forum for disabled individuals, disability organizations, and researchers through the centre’s interactive website.

3. Support and facilitate research and learning activities consistent with the Centre’s beliefs and objectives.

4. Train future researchers.

5. Share and evaluate research conducted through the centre with members of the disabled community.

6. Make research results available to policy-makers and others concerned with disability issues.