Texas A and M University Big Belly Solar Compactor and Plastics Recycling

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Type: Program

Status: Announced on 11/6/08

Source File: http://sustainability.tamu.edu/CampusInitiatives/Recycling/tabid/59/Default.aspx


Several campus departments have come together to bring a pilot program that will offer recycling of plastic bottles along with a new trash collection twist.

Five solar trash compactors known as the Big Belly will be placed around the MSC, Rudder Tower, Sbisa, Commons, and the Evans Library. These units rely on 100% solar energy to power the compactor. The compaction ability means that the can will hold five times the volume of trash as a standard container.

All five Big Belly trash locations will also have an attached unit to collect plastic bottles. Plastic recycling on campus is a new initiative for Texas A&M. To help determine the feasibility of plastic recycling we are piloting five additional locations that will have a stand alone plastic recycling container set with an existing trash can. Thank you for your efforts to Gig 'Em Green.