Marin County, CA Clean Energy

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Marin County, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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What is Marin Clean Energy?
Marin Clean Energy (MCE) is a plan to create a new green power agency in Marin County. Under MCE, Marin County cities and towns would form a Joint Power Authority which would buy renewable power collectively directly, while PG&E would continue to be responsible for the transmission lines, billing and other duties.

What are the benefits of Marin Clean Energy?
Marin Clean Energy would reduce Marin's greenhouse gas emissions by initially providing twice as much renewable power as we receive now. MCE would also increase price stability over the long term by decreasing our reliance on imported fossil fuels to generate our power. MCE will also fuel small, locally based green businesses. In addition, MCE would enable local decision-making over what kinds of power Marin utilizes.

How do I sign up?
Marin Clean Energy is currently being considered by each city and town in the county at public study sessions. You are welcome to attend these meetings and to participate in the public dialogue about the MCE choice. Following this public education period, each city and town council will vote on whether to participate. Any resident whose city or town joins the Marin Clean Energy JPA may opt out of green power and choose to stay with PG&E, but if their city or town does not join, they will not be able to join MCE.