University of Wyoming Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Committee

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 2007

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The UW Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety (BPS) committee was charged by Sara Axelson, vice president for student affairs, and Mark Collins, associate vice president for administration, in fall 2007 to develop possible new bicycle and pedestrian corridors to help decrease the likelihood of conflicts between both modes of personal transportation. As the university comprehensively reviews and improves parking and transportation issues on campus, and recognizing the prospect of increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic from the university’s commitment to promote sustainable transportation solutions, conflicts between bicyclists and pedestrians on campus will likely increase.

The BPS committee met four times this year and developed three distinct versions of how the UW campus can proactively adapt to the likelihood of increased conflicts between walkers and bikers. The committee is seeking public comment on these versions before making its final recommendation to the UW administration. The committee is also working closely with the student leadership in ASUW to seek their feedback on developing a final plan.

The most important principle guiding the BPS committee is improving the safety of our campus community. Other important principles guiding this process include promoting bicycle use on campus as a sustainable form of personal transportation and improving pedestrian awareness of bicyclists on campus.

Recognizing that the University of Wyoming’s core campus was designed during an era of limited bicycle use, we feel that this is an appropriate time for the UW community to open a dialogue about where and how bicycles are utilized as an important mode of transportation across campus.