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Status: Announced on 11/1/07

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The University of Texas at Arlington, an award-winner for its recycling and composting programs, is seriously going green. President James D. Spaniolo has formed a President’s Sustainability Committee to develop policies and strategies to advance the university’s commitment to help meet today’s serious environment challenges.

Jeff Howard, assistant professor in the School of Urban and Public Affairs, and Craig Powell, director of Environmental Health and Safety, are co-chairing the committee, which includes university staff, students and faculty, as well as representatives of cities and nongovernmental organizations.

A number of new projects are already in the development stage, including a green roof research initiative spearheaded by School of Architecture and SUPA faculty, students and alumni, under the direction of Assistant Professor David Hopman. The University has already spent $17 million on energy-efficiency improvements and made a commitment to build energy-efficient buildings. The new campus master plan looking outward to 2020 emphasizes adding green space and reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship.

The newly formed committee reflects the mounting recognition that universities must serve as the cutting edge of society’s sustainably efforts, Howard said.

Our Mission
The President’s Sustainability Committee at The University of Texas at Arlington develops and recommends policies and strategies to advance the University’s commitment to help meet today’s serious environment challenges. Under the leadership of co-chairs Dr. Jeff Howard and Mr. Don Lange, the committee addresses opportunities for promoting sustainability in several areas, including facilities management, curricula, research, and public awareness. Its on-going purpose is to propose means by which the University can meet or surpass environmental standards, conserve resources, and minimize waste. In addition, the committee reviews and benchmarks efforts made by higher education peers in order to propose a course of action for administrative decisions at The University of Texas at Arlington. By setting the standard and serving as a role model, the University will strive to expand our efforts to promote environmental awareness and encourage conservation of resources.

Work Groups

  • Building & Development
  • Communication
  • Curriculum, Research & Outreach
  • Dining Services
  • Energy & Water
  • Landscaping & Habitat
  • Management Systems
  • Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Waste Reduction

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