Maumelle, AR Confinement of Animals

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Maumelle, AR, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted via ordinance

Source File: (Chapter 10)


Sec. 10-90. Confinement of animals.

(a) Any person owning animals, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, licensed or unlicensed, shall confine such animal within an adequate fence or enclosure, or within a house, garage or other building. Animals shall not be tied or chained to doghouses or other stationary objects but must be in an approved enclosure.

(b) Any "electric" or "underground invisible" enclosure or fence must be clearly marked and identified as the same by appropriate signage. The signage must sufficiently warn persons lawfully entering upon a property as to the presence of the enclosure and the possible presence of an animal therein. Size or placement of the signage must be such that persons are provided reasonable notice prior to coming into the area of the electric or underground invisible fence.
(Ord. No. 314, § 1(3-6), 4-6-1998; Ord. No. 560, § 1, 6-6-2005)