Dubbo, Australia Companion Animals Advisory Committee

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Dubbo, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/public/content/default.asp?xcid=255&


Dubbo has a community based advisory committee that gives advice and recommendations to Council on the management of concerns over companion animals. This is basically performed through the Dubbo Companion Animals Management Plan which is reviewed annually by the committee.

Committee membership is comprised of:

  • Orana Veterinary Association
  • Dubbo and District Kennel Club
  • Ranger Services
  • Dubbo City Councillor
  • Cat community representative
  • Dubbo RSPCA Branch

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month and submissions are invited from concerned residents to the committee.

The Committee's function is:

  • To review the Companion Animals Management Plan annually;
  • To develop suitable community education programs;
  • To review and make recommendations with respect to policies and procedures; and
  • To develop and maintain a Dubbo Companion Animals Operations Plan.

Objectives of the Committee are:

  • To advocate responsible pet ownership by the use of community education programs;
  • To ensure that appropriate recreational facilities exist in appropriate areas for dog owners;
  • To reduce negative impacts by companion animals against the community and the environment;
  • All declared dangerous dogs and restricted dogs are well controlled with appropriate policies and procedures created;
  • Resources and facilities for the control. impounding, management and care of companion animals are established with appropriate maintenance programs;
  • Procedures for enforcement of the Act are educationally based and project fairness whilst protecting the community; and
  • To recognise the needs of companion animal owners and provide for those needs.