Allegheny College, PA Environmental Guiding Principles

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Allegheny College, PA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

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Allegheny College strives to be a community in which the earth’s natural resources are used and sustained in manners that safeguard the health and survival of present and future generations. We acknowledge that as a learning community, we have an obligation to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship. We affirm our commitment to protect and enhance the environment through our teaching, research, service, and operations. We seek to foster a community that educates itself on environmental awareness, local action, and global thinking. Environmentally sound practices are core values of the College.

We seek to be a campus community:

  • In which the College is an environmental leader in all aspects of institutional functions, including planning, operations, purchasing, and maintenance;
  • In which environmental leadership is seen as a continuous, participatory process of learning;
  • In which environmental efforts encourage interdisciplinary ties and collaboration in teaching;
  • In which we acknowledge our obligation to live responsibly as part of a forested ecosystem rich with aquatic and terrestrial resources;and
  • In which College leadership and expertise contribute to local and regional environmental efforts.

To advance our goals, we will:

  • Incorporate environmental concerns as a priority in College decision making;
  • Consider social and economic impacts of Allegheny’s environmental policies and practices;
  • Use participatory processes in developing Allegheny’s policies and practices; and
  • Seek practices and procedures that protect the environment.

Our decisions and actions will be guided by the Allegheny College mission statement, reflective of the College’s resources and informed by the Campus Master Plan. As a learning institution, we recognize that achieving environmental sustainability will be an evolving practice.