Silver City, NM Resolution to Implement a Citizens Advisory Committee on Climate Change

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Silver City, NM, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 9/25/07

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WHEREAS, The Town Council endorsed the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement by Resolution 2007-06; and

WHEREAS, The U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement calls for action upon local communities to decrease carbon emissions and increase efficiency regarding energy utilization; and

WHEREAS, The Town understands the benefits that can be obtained from increasing efficiency, such as lowered utility bills and potential decreases in the harm to the environment; and

WHEREAS, The Town may be in a position to develop a model for other similar communities to address energy efficiency in a cost effective manner; and

WHEREAS, The Town recognizes the importance of community participation, knowledge and experience that citizens bring to topics of such broad scope; and

WHEREAS, The Town recognizes the benefit of utilizing volunteers in conjunction with Town staff.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Silver City that:

1. The Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Citizens Advisory Committee be formed: consisting of 10 people made up of individuals that have an interest in how this topic affects Silver City.

2. This Committee shall be responsible for oversight and assisting with:

a. Researching what other municipalities are doing.

b. Research and secure funding to assist with planning and implementation.

c. Assist with a carbon emissions inventory.

3. This Committee shall be responsible for:

a. Prioritizing the activities in the Agreement.

b. Prepare an action plan to present to Town staff and the Town Council.

4. The Town Manager will provide, as requested, necessary information to the Committee as he/she feels appropriate.

5. The Committee shall continue to advise the Town on issues regarding carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and alternate energy options.

6. The Committee members will be appointed by the Mayor, with consensus of the Town Council.

7. Each appointee shall serve a one year term commencing with the date of their appointment, except that one half of the initial appointees shall serve a two year term, so as to provide for future staggered terms.

8. The Committee shall provide for self governance and shall upon the first meeting elect a chair, vice-chair, and secretary.

9. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly and shall report its progress to the Town Council upon request of the Mayor.

10. The Committee, though advisory, shall comply with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act and the New Mexico Public Records Inspection Act.

11. Shall any member miss two consecutive meetings without demonstrated cause, that member shall be deemed to have resigned. The Chairperson shall notify the Mayor who shall appoint a replacement.