Bowling Green State University, OH Recycling Program

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Bowling Green State University, OH, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Thanks to a supportive community, the future of BGSU recycling looks bright. Grants and assistance has provided a pathway for growth and development for the BGSU Recycling Program.With increased education, awareness, and cooperation from the students, faculty, and staff, BGSU Recycling will continue to do its part in creating a more environmentally friendly campus.

BGSU Recycling conducts business seven days a week. Collection is done through part-time student labor, a full-time staff, and contracted labor. Public relations and education programs are coordinated by student employees as well.

Recycling Program
Recycling stations have been placed on virtually every floor of every building on campus, totaling over 900 bins at over 250 stations. Grants from the ODNR DRLP have supported this expansion. Campus community members (students, faculty, staff and visitors) "feed" recycling bins in offices, classrooms and public areas.Full-time staff members and student workers collect the materials from the floors of the buildings and move it to central collection sites. Ultimately, all collections are deposited in 30 yard roll-off containers at our "Z-Wall".

Quantifiable Results
Current results in terms of tons of material recycled and percent of the waste stream diverted from landfills demonstrates that the BGSU Recycling Program is making a strong effort to promote sustainability on campus. Since 1994, the BGSU Recycling Program has sold over $390,000 in recyclable materials and avoided over $400,000 in landfill fees.

Mission Statement
The goal of the Recycling Program at BGSU is to preserve the environment, educate the BGSU community, and conserve natural resources and energy through sound solid waste management practices, and to provide the BGSU community with the opportunity to recycle.