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Concord, NH, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 3/10/08

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Ordinance No. 2710
AN ORDINANCE amending the CODE OF ORDINANCES, Title V, Administrative Code: Chapter 30 Boards and Commissions.

SECTION I. Amend the CODE OF ORDINANCES, Title V, Administrative Code, Chapter 30, Administrative Code, Article 30-3, Boards and Commissions, by adding the following new Section 30-3-14, Transportation Policy Advisory Committee:

30-3-14 Transportation Policy Advisory Committee.

(a) The Transportation Policy Advisory Committee shall consist of sixteen (16) members, namely:
(1) Five (5) members of the City Council appointed by the Mayor, as soon as practicable after the City Council's biannual organization meeting, to serve a two-year term.
(2) Ten (10) persons nominated by the Mayor and subject to the approval of the City Council. Committee members shall be sought that possess skills and/or experiences that will be helpful in providing recommendations to the City Council. One (1) member shall be familiar with vehicular traffic safety operations; one (1) member shall represent a major employer in the City; one (1) member shall be nominated by the Chamber of Commerce; one (1) member shall represent the bicycling community; one (1) member shall represent the pedestrian and trails community; one (1) member shall represent public transportation; and the other four (4) appointees shall represent different geographic areas of the City. Five (5) of the initial appointments shall be for two-year terms and five (5) for three-year terms. Thereafter, appointments will be for terms of three (3) years.
(3) The City Manager or his designee shall serve as a nonvoting ex officio member of the Committee.
(b) All members shall serve without compensation.
(c) The Transportation Policy Advisory Committee Chairman shall be named annually by the Mayor. The Committee shall establish its own rules of procedure.
(d) The Transportation Policy Advisory Committee shall have the authority to establish subcommittees as necessary to carry out its duties. Specifically, the Committee shall have the following duties and perform the following functions:
(1) Assist the City Council in defining the goals and objectives of public transportation service and provide technical oversight to public transportation services funded by the City of Concord.
(2) Assist the City Council with the development of long-range multimodal planning that considers the use of High Speed Rail service.
(3) Propose policy, develop plans and make recommendations for the implementation of the improved use of bicycles throughout the community.
(4) Propose policy, develop plans and make recommendations for the implementation of the improved use of sidewalks and trail systems throughout the community.
(5) Establish and revise transit routes and schedules and bus stop locations. Onstreet bus stops, which require designation by City Ordinance, shall be recommended to the City Council.
(6) Review and recommend improvements regarding vehicular traffic flow on arterial and collector streets; proactively work towards establishing traffic calming measures on residential streets and recommend traffic safety improvements as deemed necessary to the City Council.
(7) Work with the internal Traffic Operations Committee to provide recommendations as necessary to the City Council for improvements; particularly those requested by residents and businesses.
(8) Establish Ad-Hoc Task Forces as necessary that will focus on complex projects. Appointments to the Ad-Hoc Task Forces shall be made by the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee. All Ad-Hoc Task Forces shall have a prescribed charter and sunset timeline established prior to creation.

SECTION II: This ordinance shall take effect on passage.