Northbrook, IL Fire Department Anti-Idling Policy

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Northbrook, IL, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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In addition to the purchase of the hybrid vehicles, Northbrook Fire Department has created the Department Operating Guideline (DOG) that outlines their policy of limiting the idling of department vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions. The details of this guideline are below:

The purpose of these procedures are to present clear guidelines for the reduction of idling time on department apparatus while maintaining operational readiness. To minimize the exhaust emissions of department vehicles.

To minimize the unnecessary use of fuel resources.

To maintain operational readiness.

19.2.2 GENERAL
During all routine, non-emergency use, all department vehicles will not be left idling for any period longer than five (5) minutes. Vehicles that are left with radios on for the purpose of monitoring radio traffic shall be run for five (5) minutes every half hour to maintain a charge in the batteries.

Vehicles that are actively involved in an incident shall remain running as long as needed for the duration of the incident.

Vehicles that are not actively involved in an incident, but are on the scene of an incident, shall be shut off and batteries shut off.

Vehicles being used to provide emergency lighting shall remain running for the duration of the need.

Vehicles will be shut off during fueling operations.

Vehicles will remain running during any operations when the ambient temperature is below freezing.

Any vehicle providing heating or cooling for personnel or civilians during an incident may remain running for the duration of the need.

The scope of this policy shall not infringe on the ability of an officer to modify the requirements of section 19.2.2 when justified by the circumstances.