Berea College, KY Ecological Machine

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Berea College, KY, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Ecological Machines are wastewater treatment systems that naturally treat sewage and industrial waste to reuse quality. Fresh water is a limited resource and living machines provide sustainable wastewater treatment systems in a cost effective, aesthetically beautiful manner. Ecological machines bring advanced wastewater treatment technology and unsurpassed aesthetic, economic, and environmental advantages to companies, communities and institutions around the world.

Ecological Machines accelerate nature’s own water purification process. Unlike chemically based systems, Ecological Machines incorporate helpful bacteria, plants, snails and fish that thrive by breaking down and digesting organic pollutants. This clean, simple approach efficiently transforms high-strength industrial wastewater and sewage into water clean enough to be reused. Model Ecological Machines are functioning in several places on the Berea College campus, including the student organization lounge in the Alumni Building. These Ecological Machines do not process human waste, but demonstrate the biological functions that occur in sewage treatment Ecological machines like the one that is constructed as part of the Berea College Ecovillage.

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