United Autoworkers Local 393 Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War

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Plumbers and Fitters Local Local 393 says cut the funds - troops home now

Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 1/10/07

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Whereas the war in Iraq has more to do with oil and increasing profits for the military-industrial complex rather than the Bush Administration deceptions that have been exposed as lies while the war and occupation is ongoing; and

Whereas Administration claims that stability, democracy, and prosperity are around the corner while each day that the U.S. stays, the violence and lack of security facing our troops and the Iraqi people worsen; and

Whereas our November elections sent a clear message that voters reject the Iraq war, and opinion polls show that seven in 10 Iraqis want the troops to leave sooner rather than later, and most U.S. military and political leaders agree that staying the course is a failed policy; and

Whereas even former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger insists that no military victory in Iraq is possible and (Ret.) Lt. Gen. William Odom calls for "complete withdrawal" of U.S. troops; and

Whereas the war can't continue without war funding; and

Whereas a major factor in ending the Vietnam war was the cut-off of funding by Congress; and

Whereas Pres. Bush will soon ask for further war funding - up to $160 billion on top of last October¹s $70 billion increase, money needed here for health care, education, rebuilding failing infrastructure, etc.; therefore,

Be it resolved that U.A. Local 393 communicate its opposition to continued war funding - except to bring our troops home safely, and take care of them when they get here - directly with our Representatives in Congress; and

Be it further resolved that we call upon the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council, the U.A. and others to join us in this resolve to Bring Our Troops Home Now - Money for People's Needs, Not War - Solidarity with Iraqi Workers