Berkeley, CA Unified School District Green Procurement and Sustainable Procedures Policy

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Berkeley, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 3/7/01

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Resolution Establishing a Green Procurement and Sustainable Procedures Policy for Berkeley Schools

WHEREAS, it is important to our society to reuse, reduce and recycle., and rot (4Rs) as much as possible of the abundant waste we generate; and

WHEREAS, the 4Rs saves energy and resources that will directly benefit our communities; and

WHEREAS, the Berkeley Unified School District can follow the example of other large institutions. such as the University of California. Berkeley, and the City of Berkeley, in establishing comprehensive green procurement and sustainable practices policies; and

WHEREAS, the City of Berkeley provides collection services for bottles. cans. plastic bottles, cardboard. mixed paper and landscape trimmings at no additional cost: and

WHEREAS, a comprehensive recycling program will reduce costs or trash disposal by 30-59%; and

WHEREAS, participation in a green procurement and sustainable practices at schools furthers our goal of educating students to become: "Lifelong Stewards of the Land."

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Berkeley Unified School District will implement a comprehensive green procurement and sustainable practice plan that will include:

1. Recycling of cardboard. mixed paper. bottles, cans and landscape trimmings.

2. Recycling in every classroom. staff room and administration area of paper and of bottles and cans as feasible. Recycling of bottles and cans and paper if feasible. in cafeterias, snack bars and kitchens.

3. All construction and demolition materials shall be reused or recycled in the appropriate manner. to the greatest extent possible.

4. Promote our use of source reduction and recycled products whenever feasible.

5. To purchase source reduction products and/or recycled products containing the highest amount of postconsumer material practicable. or when postconsumer material is impracticable for a specific type of product containing substantial amounts of recovered material. Such products must meet reasonable performance standards, be available at a reasonable price and be available within a reasonable time.

6. All equipment both leased or rented shall be compatible with the use of source reduction and recycled products.

7. All Berkeley Unified School District departments, in preparing departmental goals and objectives, and action plans. shall include within these goals and objectives and action plans information on each department's goals and actions in applying this policy.

8. All departmental evaluations shall include within the evaluation, assessment of each department's effectiveness in applying this policy.