Sunnyvale, CA Expenditure of Public Funds for Bottled Water Policy

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Sunnyvale, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Issued on 8/26/08

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Policy 7.3.25 Expenditure of Public Funds for Bottled Water

The purpose of this policy is to generally prohibit the purchase of single-serving bottled water, with limited exceptions, and to limit the purchase of multi-serving bottled water to those City facility locations where no feasible or reasonable alternative exists as required by law. This policy is also meant to encourage environmentally responsible practices, such as reusing and maintaining reusable containers for personal consumption of water.

The process by which bottled water is produced and consumed creates significant environmental impacts. By limiting the amount of bottled water purchases in favor of ample, quality tap water, the City demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability and sound fiscal policy, and shows confidence in its water supply resources. It is therefore the policy of the Sunnyvale City Council that no public funds should be used for the purchase of single-serving or multi- serving bottled water, other than the following exceptions:

1. Actual, imminent or highly probable/high risk public safety emergencies.
2. To comply with any governmental regulations for the provision of potable water in adequate supply.
3. Any other situations that arise where no other reasonable or practical alternative exists, as deemed necessary by the City Manager or his/her designee (such as offsite training as necessary or recreation/sports programs for children).

Nothing in this policy is intended to preclude employee-funded water clubs, or any bottled water purchased from any source using private funds. However, employees and City representatives are encouraged to use environmentally responsible practices for the personal consumption of water.