University of Canberra, Australia Equity and Diversity Advisory Group

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University of Canberra, Australia

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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EDAG Terms of Reference

1. To ensure that with respect to equity and diversity at the University, relevant policies are identified, developed, approved, updated and communicated to the University community;

2. To monitor the university’s legal and policy obligations for equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment, advising the Vice-Chancellor and senior managers of their responsibilities for equity and diversity;

3. To consult with staff, students and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that needs of equity groups are taken into account in decision making, and that a two-way flow of information takes place;

4. To ensure that with respect to equity and diversity at the University, effective staff training related to these policies is supported and undertaken;

5. To provide strategic directions on equity and diversity initiatives and programs that meet the needs of staff and students;

6. to develop mechanisms for integrating equity and diversity objectives and strategies into University and Faculty strategic and operational plans, including indicators for evaluating performance;

7. To oversee the preparation of equity and diversity reports required by external agencies; and

8. To provide the Vice-Chancellor with regular reports and an annual report to Council on plans, actions and outcomes related to staff and student equity and diversity at the University.