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Boise, ID, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

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Community Garden Policy
Boise Parks & Recreation Department

Boise Parks & Recreation recognizes community gardens as a valuable recreation activity that can contribute to community development, environmental awareness, positive social interaction and community education. Boise Parks & Recreation will collaborate with interested groups in assisting with the development of community gardens.

A community garden must be operated by a non-profit agency or neighborhood association and will include the following features:

  • A piece of land will be utilized by the recognized group to produce food and flowers

for the use of group members, Boise Parks & Recreation, or other non-profit agencies.

  • A community garden should promote environmental education, and encourage the

involvement of schools, youth groups and citizens who do not have an assigned plot in gardening activities.

Boise Parks & Recreation Support
Boise Parks & Recreation will support the development of community gardens within the Boise City limits through the following means:

  • Providing access to information on the development and operation of community


  • Providing staff expertise and time for the design and development of the community


  • Assist interested groups in determining if the proposed Park-owned land is suitable

for the development of a community gardens.

  • Assist interested groups with the development of user agreements between Boise

Parks & Recreation and the recognized group.

Organization Responsibilities
If City-owned land is determined to be suitable for a community garden site, the following conditions will apply:

1. Prior to Development
a. Recognized group must hold a community consultation process that will indicate neighborhood support for the garden.

b. A community garden must have a garden site plan drawn up that will include the layout of the plots and indicate any proposed structures or fences.
i. All community garden designs must meet the standards of, and be approved by, Boise Parks & Recreation.
ii. No structures or barriers to general public access can be erected.

c. The recognized group must agree to develop and operate the gardens according to a users agreement which will specify the term of use, management responsibilities, user fees and access procedures including the following specific terms:

d. The term of the user agreement will not exceed five years.
i. If 5-year contract is not fulfilled, the recognized group will assist Boise Parks & Recreation with returning the site to the preexisting condition.

e. Allotments of space must be made from a waiting list on a first come first serve basis.

f. Membership in the recognized organization, and the opportunity to be allotted a plot, must be open to any resident of the community.

g. No pesticides are to be used.

h. Boise Parks & Recreation must approve any allotment fees charged.
i. Allotment fees must cover the yearly watering, maintenance and site improvement costs, unless otherwise determined by Boise Parks & Recreation.
ii. Allotment fees shall not exceed the amount necessary to cover the normal operating costs of the garden.
iii. Records of allotment fees and expenses will be kept and forwarded to Boise Parks and Recreation to ensure correct use of fees.

i. The recognized organization must adhere to maintenance standards set forth by Boise Parks & Recreation.

2. First season
a. The garden will be developed at no cost to Boise Parks & Recreation.

b. Boise Parks & Recreation will assist the recognized group in the preparation of the garden site by the following means:
i. Removing grass
ii. Turning the soil
iii. Adding compost
iv. Adjusting irrigation systems.

3. Subsequent seasons
a. Recognized group will be responsible for all garden activities including:
i. Collecting allotment fees from plot users.
ii. Paying utility costs such as water or electrical bills.
iii. Keeping record of all revenues and expenses incurred by the community garden to be forwarded to Boise Parks & Recreation.
iv. Spring preparation of community garden.
v. Winterization of garden.
vi. Installation and maintenance of all community garden facilities.

Although located on City-owned property with prior approval from Boise Parks & Recreation and the Park Board, all community gardens will be developed and maintained at no cost to BPR, have a minimal amount of impact on BPR staff time, and will be operated by volunteers from the community