University of Florida Livable Wage Policy

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

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The University of Florida should set aggressive hiring and retention goals to ensure the university reflects society’s racial, ethnic and gender diversity. The University should also strive to ensure that all personnel are rewarded with at least a livable wage with benefits appropriate to a world-class institution.


  • Require all academic and administrative units to develop student recruitment, and faculty and staff hiring and retention policies that will bring the University of Florida to a position where its students, faculty and staff reflect the State of Florida’s racial, ethnic and gender diversity.
  • Increase the levels of gender and equity training of all personnel working at or hired by the University of Florida.
  • Ensure that a minimum of a living wage with good benefits is paid to all University employees.
  • Engage University faculty and staff in decision-making and formalize this process.
  • Increase the level of investment in the training of University employees.
  • Take steps to improve campus climate by increasing the campus’ exposure to diverse groups.