Santa Clara County, CA Fuel Cell Advancement Initiative

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Santa Clara County, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 9/14/04

Source File: Click here


1. Directed County Executive to consider stationary fuel cell applications when planning for building projects and energy-system upgrades, to build public and private partnerships to support Research and Development of fuel cells and clean hydrogen production efforts in Santa Clara County, and to apply for grants to support stationary fuel cell demonstration projects.

2. Directed County Executive to identify a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) demonstration project, to work with California Fuel Cell Partnership to develop interest among FCV manufacturers to lease demonstration vehicles to County, to identify a clean and efficient hydrogen refueling infrastructure, and to apply for grants for grants to support Fuel Cell Fleet Vehicle Demonstration Project.

3. Directed Administration to contract with a consultant specializing in energy and transportation engineering to assist County with implementation of recommendations for fuel cell and FCV technology, and to apply for planning grants to fund consultant services.

4. Directed Legislative Committee to consider sponsoring legislation relating to hydrogen and fuel cell technology expansion and advancement, consumer incentives for low- and zero-emissions vehicles, photovoltaic and other clean, distributed generation applications.

5. Directed County Executive to participate in local and regional information exchange forums of public and private stakeholders to educate and leverage resources to support advancement of local hydrogen economy, and to work with California Hydrogen Highway Network to include County’s fuel cell and hydrogen efforts as a model in Governor’s Hydrogen Highways Blueprint.