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Nashua, NH, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 6/13/06

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The City of Nashua ordains that Chapter 2 “Administration” of the Nashua Revised Ordinances, as amended, be and hereby is further amended by adding the following new article:


Sec. 2-1006. Establishment, composition; duties.
In continued pursuit of the city’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, decrease air pollution, and reduce energy expenditures as first adopted by the city in Resolution 01-271, the Nashua Green Team for the City of Nashua is hereby established.

The Green Team shall advise the mayor, board of aldermen, and division directors as to what methods to adopt to obtain these goals. The Green Team shall work with city departments, officials, businessmen, citizens, and environmental experts to develop an action plan to achieve these goals and a framework by which environmentally responsible decisions should be made. The Green Team shall assist the mayor, board of aldermen and city departments to implement the action plan and to provide continued evaluation and report the progress of the city in meeting these goals to all interested parties. Future goals of the Green Team include, but are not limited to, raising funds to support implementation of the action plan.

The Nashua Green Team shall be an advisory committee with appointments made by the Mayor. The committee shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) members, and shall have no limit as to the maximum number of members. The committee shall have a quorum when four (4) members are present. At least one (1) member will be appointed to represent each of the following divisions and departments: information technology department, department of public works, administrative services division, community development division, the mayor’s office, the Nashua school department. At least one member shall be appointed from the board of aldermen by the president of the board of aldermen to serve through the duration of their tenure. Additional members may be appointed at large and will serve for two (2) year terms. Membership is not limited to citizens of Nashua as to encourage the business community to participate in the Nashua Green Team.

The committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members, chosen from one of the division or department representatives. The committee shall establish its by-laws and establish regular times for meetings and the orderly conduct of business. The members of the committee shall serve without compensation. Each member of the committee shall hold office until his/her successor is appointed and approved, unless sooner removed.