University of Montana Sustainable Campus Committee

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Type: Bylaws

Status: Last revised in May 2007

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The name of the committee shall be the Sustainable Campus Committee.

Universities must play a leading role in education, research, policy development, information exchange, and community outreach in order to help create an equitable and sustainable future. The Sustainable Campus Committee recognizes the importance of this and aims to lead by example through the adoption of the Talloires Declaration’s ten principles. By identifying and recommending projects that move the University towards sustainability, the Committee will provide momentum and guidance to UM administration, faculty, staff, and students to achieve environmentally and socially responsible living.


A. To identify and recommend to the University President specific actions and strategic plans the University community can pursue to move the University towards greater environmental sustainability in its operations, research, teaching and service/outreach functions.

B. To collaborate with on-campus and off-campus groups to implement these actions and plans and sustain them over time.

C. To report to the campus community on the state of the university's sustainability efforts and on future plans each Earth Day. The report shall discuss goals achieved, plans for the future, and reflection on the ten principles/actions of the Talloires Declaration. This report will be reviewed by President Dennison and any other interested parties and posted on the SCC website.


A. The committee shall be composed of 12 members from the faculty, staff, administration, and students at the University of Montana.

B. The committee members shall be appointed by the UM President on the recommendation of ASUM, Staff Senate, Faculty Senate or SCC.

C. Members shall serve a two-year term. Members can be reappointed for a maximum of two additional two-year terms by recommendation of the SCC.

D. To capture a diversity of perspectives, the committee shall draw from a variety of departments and services found on the campus.

E. There shall be three representatives from each of the following categories: administration, faculty, staff and students. Student representation will usually include an ASUM representative, a MTPIRG representative, and at least one graduate student (EVST or other interested department).


A. The officers of the committee shall be a Chair and Vice Chair. Additional offices shall be established by amending these bylaws as described in Section VIII.

B. Officers shall be elected by the committee at the May meeting for the following academic year. Nominations for officers can be made by any SCC member at the April meeting, and willing nominees shall be posted on the agenda for the May meeting.

C. Officer terms shall be for one year. Officers may be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

D. The Chair’s duties are to organize, publicize and facilitate meetings; to direct the formation of subcommittees; and to consult with the President regarding Committee matters as needed.

E. The Vice Chair’s duties shall be to perform the Chair’s duties when the Chair is unable to do so, and to be responsible for any working funds the SCC acquires or spends, i.e., keeping accounts and signing checks authorized by SCC


A. The committee will meet monthly in September, October, November, December, February, March, April, May, June, July, August. The time and place of meetings shall be determined by the committee at the beginning of each semester. Meeting information shall be publicized on the Committee’s website and through other University media.

B. All full committee meetings shall be open to the public and will include a period for public comment. Minutes will be kept, sent to members, and amended and/or approved at the following meeting. Agendas for each meeting will be sent to members and posted on website in advance of the meeting.

C. One half of the duly appointed members of the committee at any given time being present shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of a quorum, the committee may conduct a meeting, engage in discussion, and keep minutes; however, no action requiring a committee vote may be taken without a quorum present.

Subcommittees shall be appointed by the Chair as needed to carry out the mission of the committee. Subcommittees are expected to report on their work at monthly meetings of the full committee.

These bylaws can be amended at any monthly meeting of the Committee by a two-thirds vote of those present, provided that a quorum is present and provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous monthly meeting.